3D lPanning

At Borgatta Medical Intelligence we offer you, through diagnostic assistants, personalized assistance and 3D softwares, the planning of your orthognathic surgeries and / or digital smile design.

With our team you will go hand in hand to carry out the personalized treatment plan for each of your cases.

Digital Smile Design

3D Smile Design Planning

The best recommendation of your work is the smile of your patients, that is why we offer you the 3D smile design planning service and you land with a key (mock up).

It generates emotional dentistry, the double function of the key (mock up) allows you to place a temporary in the patient’s mouth, he can see and feel his new smile, generating emotion. You meet their expectations and you can increase the acceptance of the treatment.

Later the same key works for you to finish your final smile.

C.D. Laura Paredes

3D Planning

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