Personalized invisible orthodontics


Theory – Practice


1 day

C.D.E.O. Eduardo F. Garduño García

The goal of this course is to motivate orthodontists to use the newest practices and use Cryst Aligner.

Learn the advantages, disadvantages, and details of consultations with aligners and how to manage your patients.

We are used to doing what is familiar to us, and we don’t usually take risks. That’s why we present the scope of orthodontics with plastic aligners, the scope of software, and their requirements for implementation.

Lic. Juan Carlos Borgatta Mejía

Cryst Aligner simulation practice leader

With your computer learn how to use 3D simulation, what are all its visualization and comparative tools.

Master the fitting and repositioning of attachments.

As well as the correct submission for review or approval of a case.

Live patient at Borgatta Headquarters

Benefit by closely observing how our course leader Eduardo Garduño works on a patient; experience how he places accessories and interproximal wear down.

Learn all his tips and apply them to your practice from day one.

Having finished your Course with the C.D.E.O. Eduardo F. Garduño García, you have the right to 2 consultancies.

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