What is B360?

It’s the only comprehensive model that involves two systems:

Cryst Aligner orthodontics

Smile System self-ligation brackets

Allows you to position yourself as an orthotechnology doctor, increase your number of patients, ramp up your profit margin and obtain a better return of investment.


Aligner orthodontics system: ultra-clear, adjustable and unique comfort.

Created with a powerful 3D movement simulator: visualize, reach your treatment goals and create the necessary adjustments before being satisfied with your case.

You do the diagnostics and approve the case; we are in charge of planning and manufacturing the aligners while keeping your treatment goals in mind.


Orthodontic system with interactive self-ligating brackets and Orthojig (indirect cementation guide). Distinguish yourself and get the most powerful communication tool. With the 3D simulator show your patients the start and end of their treatment.

Complete treatment control: make the necessary changes on your computer and not in your patient’s mouth.

When the final result matches your clinical excellence, our Orthojig helps you transfer and create a better placement experience with less impact on your patient.

You do the diagnostics and approve the case; we are in charge of planning and fabricating the orthojig while keeping your treatment goals in mind.

When training in any of our two systems: Cryst Aligner or Smile System, and with your consent to share the information of your clinic on our B360.mx web page, you become part of our B360 network and obtain additional benefits.

With one system, we offer printed and digital advertising that serve as support to better explain how the treatment works, and we’ll add you to our B360.mx web page doctor database so patients can contact you.

With two systems, besides the benefits from one system, we’ll also create marketing campaigns to boost your client flow from our B360.mx web page. We’ll also provide entertainment videos for your waiting room.

With three systems, you obtain the previous benefits, plus training webinars on orthodontic marketing and the use of social media to promote your clinic.

How do you become a B360 doctor?

Certify yourself in the Cryst Aligner or Smile System courses

Course Calendar

Plan your cases with our platforms

Start your B360 treatments

C.D. Araceli Rodríguez

B360 Coordinator

Do you want more information about B360?

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