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Theory-practice course in which I help you understand the correct application and attachment of Orthoimplants. We explore many examples of clinical cases to find a solution.

Expand your working capacity and make your opportunities grow.


Theory – Practice


1 day

C.D.E.O. Manuel Vázquez Uribe

As orthodontists, we face bad preparations and lack of experience.

Keeping up to date allows us to grow as professionals and this has an impact on our goals and growth.

Learn the advantages of applying orthoimplants as auxiliaries in your treatments, understand the benefits, bioengineering and professional and safe application.

Interactive self-ligation course

Orthodontics course with interactive self-ligation showing a simplified procedure with many clinical cases, which help you visualize the consistency you are looking for in your practice.

Step into your new orthodontic guide!


Theory – Practice


2 days

C.D.E.O. Antonio Fernández López

As orthodontists, we must be guided by honesty and the best execution of the treatment.

Adapting the diagnostics and treatment with new technology is the present of orthodontics.

My main objective is the efficiency and improvement of your practice level with self-ligating brackets.

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