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The NEMOTEC suite is the only multidisciplinary digital platform that offers cutting-edge solutions to diagnose, plan and communicate treatment plans effectively and visually.

It is a diagnostic, implantology and gingivoplasty planning software

It is a solution for the diagnosis and planning of implantology treatments, from the prosthetic-surgical point of view.

Using the most advanced technology, the implantologist plans various treatments based on the prosthetic needs of the patient.


Speed and precision

Plan your implants in less time.

Save clinical time in surgery.

Digital planning and guided surgery benefit you with reduced clinical action times in surgery and place the implant in the optimal position in the bone structure in relation to the prosthesis in a fast and precise way.


Integrating smile design, perform a bone and prosthetic analysis of the patient, simplify treatment and plan with greater accuracy.

3D Print

Save time and laboratory costs, the software is open and allows manufacturing of surgical guides with any 3D printer.

Efficient communication

Effective, clear and interactive communication can help you define and get the treatment approved.

The 3D image support facilitates explaining any doubts and ensures the patient will be confident and at ease.

Interdisciplinary treatments

Multidisciplinarily combine and integrate any module of the NemoStudio suite of Nemotec and facial scanner Bellus 3D

It is a 3D model analysis software, with virtual setup, indirect casting of brackets and aligner manufacturing.

A solution for the diagnosis and digital planning of orthodontic models. Transfers the traditional and/or plastic orthodontic treatment to the patient’s mouth taking into account the crowns and roots of the teeth, benefiting you with total accuracy and patient satisfaction.


Digital model archive

Forget about having the physical space to store and organize plaster models.

NemoCast is your digital file with immediate access and printing facility.

Greater precision in diagnosis

CBCT automatically segments the teeth and visualizes the movement of the roots at the time of finalizing the setup.

Save time during setup

Reduce up to 70% of your work time in the setup for aligners or indirect casting of brackets.

Greater predictability and visibility

Assess the sequence of movements with precision; the software generates a simulation to control the evolution of the case and design the most appropriate type of product.

It includes an intuitive mini odontogram to extract, show and hide teeth.

Product printing

Save time and costs; the software is open and allows manufacturing aligners and splints of indirect casting with any 3D printer.

Increase budget acceptance

It provides trust and satisfies the patient’s expectations by showing the treatment’s final result with the simulation of 3D images.

Interdisciplinary Treatments

Multidisciplinarily combine and integrate any module of the NemoStudio suite of Nemotec and facial scanner Bellus 3D

A cephalometric, VTO and STO 2D virtual analysis software

The leading solution used worldwide; benefit by conducting tests with cephalometric tracing for full diagnosis in orthodontic treatments.

NemoCeph is the cephalometry software most used in universities world-wide.


Simple and fast

Discover how easy it is to use; produce a cephalometric path in just a few minutes.


Over 30 cephalometric paths are available.

Dynamic visual communication

Perform presentations with a single click with the predesigned templates. Present the morphing, growth prediction and communicate effectively with your patient.

Interdisciplinary treatments

The NemoStudio suite from Nemotec combines and integrates all modules with multidisciplinary technology.

From photographs taken in your office, the 3D mockup of the smile design is brought to reality. Your patient can visualize and feel how their new smile will look before starting treatment.

The ultimate tool to design digital smiles, including every detail of the facial, aesthetic and functional analysis of your patients.

Work with affective dentistry, provide complete and multidisciplinary treatment plans from the start.


Increased budget acceptance

Promote affective dentistry in your practice, communicate the diagnosis and treatment plan interactively and make your patient a participant.

Materialize the mockup and conceptualize your patient’s expectations.

Time saving in mockup design

Produce a mockup in a matter of minutes, manipulate the prosthesis in a simple and intuitive manner.

Facially Guided 3D Smile

The 3D smile guides, and the visualization of the patient’s photo make it easy for you to predict the outcome in real time during the planning phase of the smile design.

Improving predictability

Work with real photos and patient records, obtain greater predictability and reliability in each clinical step.

Simulate the treatment plan on the photo and impress your patient with the final result of their new smile.

Impression of the own mockup

NemoSmile 3D is open software and is compatible with any 3D printer.

Print the mockup and allow the patient to feel the smile design.

Interdisciplinary treatments

Multidisciplinarily combine and integrate any module of the NemoStudio suite of Nemotec and facial scanner Bellus 3D

3D planning software for orthognathic surgery and splint for intermediate and final positioning.

NemoFAB is a 3D software that from a tomography and STL files allows the diagnosis and planning of treatments for facial corrections, airways and bite.

It is the world’s leading and most widely used solution, designed in collaboration with opinion leader Dr. Arnett.


Accurate and complete protocol

Tested by experts in orthognathic surgery.

Total control

Throughout the diagnostic process and treatment planning.

Adequate communication

With 3D images it is easy for the patient to understand and agree to all the phases of their treatment.

Realistic morphing through the integration of the facial scanner Bellus 3D

Time reduction

Optimizes the time during diagnosis, planning and design of the surgical splint.

Less work time in the operating room.

Less traumatic postoperative rehabilitation and better recovery times.

Interdisciplinary treatments

Multidisciplinarily combine and integrate any module of the NemoStudio suite of Nemotec and facial scanner Bellus 3D

Total control in eight steps

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