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Toothpaste Manufacture

Bicolor Pasta


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Gel Pasta


1 Parabens: substances used as preservatives in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical products. These products were identified in 2002 as highly dangerous due to the development of cancer. Source: Instituto de Investigación de Materiales UNAM “Materiales avanzados“ year 4, number 8, February 2007.

2 Triclosan: The biological safety of Triclosan has been strongly questioned over the past 10 years because various in vitro and in vivo studies have shown it can disturb cellular and metabolic function with the possibility of inducing cancer. Source: Facultad de Odontología Río Blanco, Universidad Veracruzana, Veracruz, México. “Triclosán en pastas dentales, ¿Tiene un riesgo verdadero para la salud?, May 2017.

We distinguish ourselves by

Quality and presentation

The tube does not collapse when crushed, it always returns to its shape

Printing can be offset up to 8 inks or silk screen printing

Colored caps can be developed

Stand alone caps

We do magic

We have a formula development and graphic design department for the tube

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